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Quote Date June 6, 2023
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Your requirements

  • Website: Your company "TGN" needs an LMS(Learning Management System) website similar to (https://banglayielts.com/) where users can enroll in classes and learn various courses directly from the website and also from Youtube sources. Users will also be able to attend quizzes and Tests.

Our Quotation

  • Website Design: This website will be developed according to provided demo site but with different designs.
    Design Customization: The website will be developed using PHP, allowing for flexibility and customization according to your requirements. The design will be unique and different from the provided demo site (https://banglayielts.com/), tailored to your branding and preferences.
    User Roles: The website will have different user roles, including teachers, students, admins, managers, and others as per your specific needs. Each user role will have different capabilities and access levels within the system.
    Course Creation: Teachers will have the ability to create courses, including uploading course materials, videos, quizzes, and tests. The system will provide a user-friendly interface for creating and managing course content.
    Enrolling in Courses: Students will be able to browse and search for courses based on their interests. They can enroll in free courses directly, while paid courses will require a payment gateway integration to enable secure transactions for purchasing the courses.
    Account Creation: Users will be able to create accounts on the website to access the LMS features. This will include providing necessary information such as name, email address, and password for authentication purposes.
    Website Visit: The website will handle high traffic, around 5/6 thousand users could visit and use the website function at once. This can also be improved later on by using cloud hosting.
  • SEO: We will do on-page SEO so that your page can be found on Google and other search engines, we will also build some backlinks to optimize it more.
  • Website Backup: We will create a backup system that automatically back-up your website to an offsite cloud server.
  • Website Protection: We will provide a website protection system that will protect your website from Brute Force and other hacking attacks.
  • Web Caching: We will create a web caching system to load your website faster.
  • Support: We will provide Six Months of technical support. We also provide website maintenance and yearly technical support for an additional charge.
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1 Website Design & Development

A dot com Domain and Basic Hosting Included (if Applicable)

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Total 15,000.00৳